Thursday, September 9, 2010

Gettin' mah test knit on!

Before I really got into knitting, and I mean *really* got into it, I had no idea what went into designing items and getting the patterns written up.

Lately though I've been having a go at a bit of test knitting, ie: putting my hand up to try out a potential pattern to work out any bugs or mistakes prior to it's official release.

My current test WIP is for Rachel at Crafty Wee Wifey - for the Paige Babydoll.

However as it is still a WIP (Work in Progress) I can't post photos yet - but as soon as it becomes a FO (Finished Object) I'll take a few snaps.

I am *loving* how it is looking so far, and might even apply for my third cottage license - it can be done in cotton as well as wool which is a bit nicer for summer.

Now that I'm thinking on cottage licenses, I'll just make a quick mention that I am licensed to knit Pinwheel Beanies, and have applied for a license to knit Milo vests (application pending - fingers crossed !!) - and even though strictly speaking it's not cheap to acquire licenses, the world is my oyster.

If you're interested in a custom knit, please contact me via comment here on the blog or email me: - and then we can discuss your requirements and pricing.

Go Gently,
~ Jax ~ xoxo

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