Friday, March 4, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things...

Suffice to say you'd all have worked out by now that I absolutely both LOVE & LUST after yarn of many varieties, as evidenced by the size of my yarn stash.

So of course any mention of accessories and such seems to end up falling by the wayside, but, not today!

So I thought I'd give a bit of a write up to two gorgeous yarn shops, one local to me and the other in Petone, Wellington.

The first is the Holland Road Yarn Company in Petone, run by the lovely Tash of Knitsch fame - she has just opened a brand spanking new "real life" yarn shop (doors opened 23rd Feb 2011 I believe) and I am both seriously impressed and incredibly jealous of you Wellingtonians that will be able to pat and fondle all her yarny deliciousness.

The second is Crafty Knitwits in Milford, Auckland - which is fairly local to me, and that in itself is a dangerous thing! Lots of beautiful yarn of course, but Linda & Kerry also stock a massive range of KnitPro needle tips, cables, Addi Turbos (circular needles) and almost any other knitting related tool you could possibly imagine needing.

Here is a wee peek at the treasures I brought home with me last time:

I could probably spend hours and hours browsing around either of these wonderful shops, and spend squillions of dollars - but I do *try* and exercise some budgetary restraint, sometimes! ;) If you live near either locale, I'd highly recommend you drop in. 

Go Gently,
~ Jax ~ XOXO