Monday, February 28, 2011

Hats & Dresses

I've had a few things come off my needles lately, and most often it seems to be gorgeous little matching hat & dress combos.

I finally completed the 'prize' won by Sarah Kovacs over on my Facebook page (from a draw once I'd reached 200 likers), and here are the photos - apologies though as these are of the items being blocked and thus they look a bit damp still.

The dress pattern is the Paige Babydoll and has a very sweet little a-line skirt with cable detail, knit with permission from Rachel Evans, though I am not licensed to knit this to sell (yet !!) and the beanie is the Pinwheel Beanie pattern by StitchyMama that I *am* licensed to knit for sale. The wool I used was dyed by Family Roots in the colorway 'Vibe' with matching dark brown trim.

I also had a request from a friend in Australia to knit a matching Rainbow Dress and Pinwheel Beanie for a friend of hers here in NZ that had just given birth to her first baby, but wanted it to fit for the coming winter which is a little while away yet - so I used a slightly bulkier yarn than called for in the pattern and slightly larger needles, and was very pleased with the result! Apologies again for these photos, or at least that the dress is incomplete *blush* The wool was wonderful to knit with - 3ply worsted weight in the colorway 'Paraiso' with brown trim, from 100% Purewool (sooooo soft and cuddly !!)

I also managed to whip up a third Pinwheel Beanie for the little girl of a cousin of mine who was visiting from the UK with her gorgeous little girl - but was even more slack and forgot to take a photo of that one altogether !! Should keep her little one's head nice and cosy when they get back to London though.

Lastly, I've made a matching 3-9mo sized Stripes Ahoy! Pinwheel Beanie in rainbow colours that I think would match just spectacularly with the Stripes Ahoy! Rainbow Dress (size 3mo) that I have yet to sell - if there are any takers out there for these as a set please let me know - I'd be asking $40 including postage within NZ.

I do have a couple more entries coming up but am swiftly running out of time before my girls wake up from their naps, so I will save those for tonight (hopefully) - but as a bit of a teaser I have found Auckland's most wonderful yet dangerous shop... knitters might want to hide their wallets !! ;)

Go Gently,
~ Jax ~ XOXO

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