Sunday, January 2, 2011

At long last....

The Silly Season is over !!

I am however, very happy to be looking forward into another new year full of both excitement and challenges.

I also thought I'd make a quick post-Christmas post to drop a little hint about something I'm working on ;)

I've had it in mind for a little while that I'd like to design a knitted pattern of my own, and mid-last year an idea came to me. Now, believe it or not I am not the most technically minded person, so I just put the idea on the back burner and let it simmer thinking it would probably be a lot of hard work.

However, things have finally started to come together and after speaking with a very clever and inspirational friend of mine I am determined to get the ball rolling. I will include as many updates here as I am able to whilst maintaining some level of secrecy, there are so many steps ahead of me that I don't want to end up falling arse over backwards with my own eagerness.

Also, a belated announcement regarding the winner of my Facebook giveaway - a big congrats goes out to the winner Sarah Jane Pascoe Kovacs, who will receive a Paige Babydoll cabled dress (pattern by Rachel Evans) with matching Pinwheel Beanie (pattern by Kath Oxlade-Knack) in the gorgeous 'Vibe' colourway wool by artisan yarn dyer Family Roots.

I'm sure that there was more that I wanted to update y'all about, but I can't for the life of me remember exactly what else there might be so, off to bed for moi!

Go Gently,

~ Jax ~ XOXO

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